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Track your domain authority against your competitors. You can see how each is tracking overtime on this simple graph.

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In today’s SEO driven world, Domain Authority is key. But you already know this, hence why you’re here!

You can use our DA tracker to set and track any domain over time. This is so you have one timeline to see how your inbound marketing efforts are going compared to your competitors.

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What is domain authority?

Domain Authority is a number that represents your website’s reputation in the eyes of Google. It’s a metric created by Moz that reflects complex search algorithms. This DA score gives you a decent understanding of how well your website will rank in search engine results compared to others. It’s given as a score from 0-100, with 100 being the highest. As it’s a logarithmic scale, it means that every future increase is harder to obtain than previously. A new website will start at 0, while large established sites like will be sitting around 95.

How is domain authority calculated?

It’s important to remember that domain authority is a proprietary metric developed by Moz, so we don’t know the exact way it’s calculated. What we do know is that it factors in link counts, spam scores and the actual link distribution – based on the quality and traffic of referring domains. We have seen search engines put more and more emphasis on the quality of backlinks as opposed to the number of links. This has been reflected in the latest Moz DA update.

How does domain authority affect search rankings?

Domain Authority is a metric designed to reflect how well a website will rank. It’s important to put it in context as it’s a relative measure, meaning that you need to compare a website with its competitors to have a full understanding. A website with a higher domain authority will rank better and vice versa. When tracking your domain authority with this tool, add your competitors too so you can see how you compare.

Why should I track domain authority?

To monitor the performance of your website/s. It’s useful to track any domain authority changes over time as another metric to compare with how your website is ranking. Remember it’s important to track the domain authority of your competitors as well, as any changes in your rankings will be relative to them. You can also use domain authority as a key performance indicator to measure your link building efforts.

How can I increase domain authority?

A large proportion of domain authority is based on link count and quality. Focus on increasing the number of high-quality links back to your website. Getting high-quality articles on other blogs and media is key to building high-quality backlinks. You can do this by direct outreach or by using an article distribution app like Contento.

How do the Moz updates from March 5, 2019, affect domain authority?

On March 5, 2019, Moz introduced a new update in how it calculates domain authority. This update changed the scoring algorithm from a linear model to an advanced machine learning model designed to better reflect googles search results. After this update was introduced, the DA’s of many websites changed significantly. A lot of smaller sites with strong link profiles in a specific niche found their DA increased. This update also marked the start of rolling updates to the algorithm where future updates will automatically be released – another reason it’s a good idea to track DA.