About Us

Contento Office

What we do

We help businesses grow by providing them with a platform to share their knowledge to a broader audience; leveraging quality blogs from all around the world.

We connect businesses through their mutual values and interests.

We believe in supporting and encouraging businesses to generate value-adding content that educates, inspires, or entertains. Content with meaning, content that adds to the global information pool.

Why we do it

Having this problem over and over during every business and startup previously, we intrinsically understand the frustration of cold emails to publishers, blogs and other brands.

The attempt to foster content partnerships is cumbersome, to say the least.

We know there is a better way to do guest posting outreach. We know we can do better.

Where we’re going

New Zealand is our test-bed, but our sights are firmly set on the global market.

We believe that press releases are dead, for SMEs, and free placement is a thing of a bygone PR era.

Media want high-quality content from reputable brands. They want to help promote that content through a full range of additional offerings.

Who we are

We are two Kiwi boys from small New Zealand towns. One from Whangaparaoa; the other from Rotorua. We came together with our joint ambition to create a global business that can impact many others.

We like technology, fitness, biking, hiking, and breaking from work with a few rounds of Rocket League.

Carl Thompson

Carl Thompson

Carl has been a digital marketer since the dawn of digital marketing. You know how some people drop out of high school to start a company? Carl dropped out of high school to become a digital marketer. And then went on to create a couple of companies, including TradeGecko and later a digital marketing agency. Carl is a content evangelist and his frustration with getting good content into good hands is why Contento was born.


Nelson Shaw

Nelson Shaw Contento

Nelson’s the hacker of the duo with first class honours in comp sci and maths. He too is technically a college drop out, although it was from his PhD so it doesn’t really count. Nelson’s spent his fair share of blood, sweat and tears working on building companies and loves turning ideas into fast, functional products. His interest in solving real problems and making something people want is what drew him to Contento.


Oscar Thompson

Oscar Thompson

With over one whole year of life experience and countless hours of human relation & cuddle training, Oscar takes his position as Office Morale Manager very seriously. Feeling low? Oscar is all over your lap, drawing negative energy out and turning it into a toxic gas which he stores and releases at given times.