Barry proves SEO isn’t just a young person’s game.

by | Jun 8, 2020 | Case Studies

DnB publishing, publishers of Pacific Powerboat magazine, has been running for over 24 years now. The leading marine industry publication in New Zealand covering all everything under ‘powerboats’.

Editor Barry Thompson has been in the industry for over 49 years and has seen the marine and media industries change dramatically. Media especially has had to evolve and adapt to the new web-based medium.

“One of the biggest advantages of moving online has been the ability to deliver content quickly to our readers.” says Barry.

But it hasn’t been easy. Barry has had to change the way he writes his articles as now he’s not only writing for his devout boaties but also Google.

The Problem: SEO is way too complicated

“I’ve been writing for our audience for decades, and now I have to also write for Google. It’s just so complicated. I know it’s important because we want to drive more traffic to the website and come up high in search results.”

The Solution: Optimize articles in Contento

Contento Optimize has been a godsend for me. I don’t have to understand how keywords work. It just tells me what ones I need to include.”

“We also installed the reader feedback widget into our website. Feedback has been a missing part of our content strategy. The insights we get from Contento are incredibly valuable.”

“I’d recommend Contento to anyone like me, who doesn’t understand keywords but knows they need to optimize their content.”


“We’ve seen an increase in website visitors which has directly impacted our bottom-line. Our online advertising is up and our clients are happy.”

Every article you optimize gives you more chance to increase your organic search traffic. Barry uses Contento Optimize for every article he writes. It gives him confidence that his articles are understandable to search engines and is maximizing his website traffic.

Journalism is what Barry does, and does well, he doesn’t want to learn SEO. He just wants Contento to tell him what to do.

We’re thrilled to be part of the success Pacific Powerboat Magazine is experiencing.

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