Content Marketing Tools

Here’s our list of go-to content marketing tools to help you create, distribute, and promote your content.

Content Optimize

(SEO your articles)
Optimize your content for better SEO. Outrank your competitors and increase your organic traffic.

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Contento Place

(Content Distribution)
Offer your articles to a network of willing media/blogs. Contento makes content placement made super easy.

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Article Analyzer (Free)

(SEO analyze your blog posts)
Compare your blog posts against the top 20 search results.

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Content Creators Directory (Free)

(Find creatives)
Copywriters, designers, illustrators, photographers, videographers. Find your perfect content creator here.

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Domain Authority Tracker (Free)

(Track DA over time)
Check and track your domain authority over time against other domains.

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Article Rewriter (Free)

(Repurpose content)
This tool helps guide you to change your original copy a minimum of 30%. Great for repurposing content.

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How Content Marketing Tools will Boost your ROI and Productivity

We’re going to make a couple of assumptions based on the fact that you’re clever enough to have arrived on this page. You’re a well-informed business person who understands the current marketing landscape. (Don’t blush. You know you are.) As such, you fully grasp your company’s need to create content and to have a strategy for promoting and distributing that content.

But, if both of those things are checked off your to-do list, you may be thinking, “why do I need to think about content marketing tools? We’ve got this content thing nailed.”

Your Content’s Great. But What’s your ROI?

You may, indeed, be nailing it. It’s probably true that your content is great. About 8 in 10 content marketers would join you in proclaiming that their crew “makes awesome content that our audience loves,” according to a recent survey of almost 400 content pros.

But branding firm Berson, Dean, Stevens explains that the problem begins when you start asking these marketers about the return-on-investment they receive from their content efforts, and about the efficiency of their process. Almost half didn’t have a good sense of their cost to produce the content that they were publishing. And less than 20 percent felt they had a solid understanding of the results that the content delivers.

How can we expect our strategists to build and execute a successful plan without those key pieces of information to inform their decision making? It’s vital for businesses to design a process that allows for accurate cost projections for future content creation. And it’s vital to institute a method for tracking the results of every content campaign. This is where content marketing tools come in.

“Publish & Pray” is not a Distribution Plan

Another issue that content marketing tools can help to address is the very real struggle of organizing content promotion work. Let’s take a step back from that and level-set regarding content distribution. Are we all agreed that content needs to be sent out into the world with its very own coming-out party? None of us are still thinking, in 2019, that we can simply publish an engaging post and then assume that Google will index the page and then everyone will find it and read it. Right? Taylor Oster, marketing director at Influence & Co., would like to remind all content professionals that this old “publish and pray” strategy doesn’t work. Distribution is extremely important, she shares and can be made easier with planning, tools and collaboration.

How to Wrangle the Process

If you’re an organized person (or have hired detail-oriented staff members!) getting a handle on a roadmap for content creation isn’t too taxing. The same cannot be said for the process of distributing content. Many creators have lined up efficient frameworks for getting each new blog post onto the social media channels that their company maintains. At companies that take it to the next level, the social media marketing team also has a defined process for engaging employees, followers and influencers in order to promote that content.

Where even the most disciplined among us fall down, however, is when it comes to offsite content distribution; getting articles and other content published on sites other than your own. This is an incredibly high-entropy undertaking. You’re talking about liaising with an ever-changing cast of characters who run these other sites. They may or may not get back to you, and even if they do, predicting how long it will take them to do so is nearly impossible. Then there are a host of other moving parts: the format each site will want content in, the type of content they’ll want, the images or other assets they’ll ask for, and the traffic stats that will make you want to partner with them in the first place.

For every engagement, you must research each of these puzzle pieces. And, the worst part is, once you’ve figured all of this out and defined a process and a content type that works for you both, you’re not going to use it again! You’re going to move on to find another publisher to engage with, right? Of course, because your link building strategy dictates that you build a series of backlinks into your site from many high-authority sites that are relevant to your business area. So every content publishing partnership is essentially a one-and-done scenario. It’s a process lovers worst nightmare!


A Streamlined Content Distribution Marketplace

Contento is a content marketing tool that brings order to the chaos of guest posting and media placement. It offers brands over 650 publishers, all in one place, who have already said that they are interested in publishing content by outside writers. Simply log into Contento’s browser-based system and load your blog post, including any images. Next, tell Contento what the post’s about. From there, you’ll be presented with a list of publishers who are looking for content like yours. Read a description of their sites, and choose the publishers you would like Contento to send your article to. The publishers will receive an email, log into Contento, and review your post. Try It Here

A Tool to Scale your Content Production

Contento also offers an Article Rewriter Tool. This brilliant content marketing tool will help you take a blog post and spin it into multiple new content pieces on the same theme. The magic here is that the Article Rewriter tool will guide you through changing the post by at least 30 percent, in order to be sure that it won’t seem like duplicate content to Google. This allows you to efficiently build multiple content pieces on the same topic, without risking that Google will ding you, or one of your content partners, for duplicate content.

Get Content Costs Under Control

For companies with creative talent on staff, there always seems to be more work than their team is able to efficiently tackle. For those who outsource creative the process of sourcing, hiring and managing freelancers has many hidden and hard-to-anticipate costs and delays. Contento’s attempting to make content creation costs more predictable for companies, as well as to assist them in saving time and money. Contento’s content creator marketplace features copywriters, designers, illustrators, photographers and videographers who are ready to work.

Is Your Content Marketing Working?

Contento also serves up a tool for seeing how your site’s influence is charting. This Domain Authority Tool allows you to check and track your domain authority over time against other domains. The more articles you put out to quality blogs the better your domain authority will be. You can easily track your progress with this content marketing tool.

You should also see an increase in organic traffic to your website. The best way to track and review organic traffic is through Google Analytics. Organic traffic comes from search. People who used a search engine to find your website.
You can find your organic traffic reports in GA under Acquisition (left menu), All Traffic, Channels. You’ll see all your types of traffic, including organic traffic.