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by | Jun 6, 2019 | Content Strategy


Frustrating, hard, challenging and gruelling. Just some of the words used to describe starting a startup, or any business for that matter.
Every founder has a unique story about overcoming adversity, pushing through hard times, and also the joys and pleasure of creating a product and business customers love.

There is no one set roadmap for creating a business, and everyone’s road is unique. One thing we can do to learn from each other.

Sharing knowledge is something we at Contento encourage and we’re proud to be partnering with Mum’s Garage to redevelop Entrepreneurs Unleashed into it’s new online, podcast format.

The previous Entrepreneurs Unleashed events have always been a fantastic source of knowledge and inspiration. We hope that being in podcast format we can inspire a much wider audience of entrepreneurs.

In the first episode, we interview Will Palmer. CEO and co-founder of Movio.

Based in New Zealand, Movio has grown into the global big-data analytics company for the movie industry. Their goal is to match everyone with their perfect movie.

From handing out movie coupons to running a successful movie-tech company. Will shares his insights and learnings that have got Movio to where it is today.

The highlights of this episode include:

  • Understanding Will’s mentality, in particular, his laser focus and ability to sell authentically.
  • Why it’s beneficial for New Zealand companies to focus on a niche within a niche.
  • Movio’s process for prioritising new projects.
  • How Movio developed a product that is uniquely valuable and the work they’re doing to continue to improve this value proposition.
  • Why you should hold off raising money until you’ve got more certainty on the direction you’re heading in.

Entrepreneurs Unleashed is now available on Spotify, iTunes and entrepreneursunleashed.blog

Remember to subscribe so you receive updates on new episodes.

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