Net Content Score. The new way to track your content.

by | Jun 2, 2020 | Content Strategy

Net Content Score, or NCS, is the new way to measure the success of your content. NCS collects scores and feedback from users then gives you an average so you can track the success of your content over time. It’s similar to how Net Promoter Score (NPS) works for customer satisfaction. NCS is tailored to work for blogs and media where gathering insights from readers is extremely valuable.

While platforms like Google Analytics are great for quantitative data like page views and sessions, they fail to provide qualitative data like customer feedback. Qualitative data and sentiment are not what they do.

Audience feedback and NCS comes into its own when you’re looking for a direct connection with your audience. The user feels like they are contributing while you gain valuable insights and sentiment.

Why use Net Content Score?

Your marketing efforts need to be measurable. Until now the only way to track the success of your content is through conversions or page sessions. While there are still very important metrics to track, they fail to show you the overall reader satisfaction of your content.

NCS gives you a trackable measurement of audience satisfaction which you can use to see how well changes to your strategy have paid off.

It works! Customers that track their NCS have seen and plugged holes in their content and seen a big increase in organic traffic.

“We have seen an 89% increase in organic traffic after optimizing just some of our blog articles. It’s great to see results like this happen quickly.” says Pritesh Kajaria, the GM at Amino Mantra.

NCS feedback widget

Collecting audience feedback

Contento has developed a simple solution for capturing feedback from readers. A nicely designed rating widget that slides into view when the user gets to 80% down an article.

Options from 1 to 5 are offered to the user. 1 being poor, through to rating 5 being excellent.
After the user has selected a rating they are then prompted to explain why they selected that rating. Simple and effective.

Track your Net Content Score

Your NCS is an average of all your user ratings. It’s shown as a 0 to 100 score and is useful to see how well your content efforts are. Contento’s NCS dashboard gives you an overall score as well as a per-page Net Content Score.

Being able to see your NCS on a timeline is a great way to see how your changes taking effect.

With Contento, you can see feedback and the NCS timeline for every rated page. Media have found this very useful to show the success of client content campaigns. Adding the ratings and feedback from the Contento dashboards into their client reports.

Setting up NCS on your website

Start collecting audience feedback and gain valuable insights to help you make better content.

Contento Optimize is a super-easy way to start tracking your Net Content Score. It’s lightweight and simple to install. See Contento Optimize for more details. Or start a 14-day free trial here.

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