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by | Apr 8, 2020 | Content Creation

Writing content for your website or blog can be tough. Not only should your web content be engaging but it must be relevant to specific search terms if you want it to rank well. A mix of writer, storyteller and search engine optimization specialist is required.
It’s challenging to understand what keywords to use, how many words to aim for, and what subtopics to include; but not any more!
We are proud to announce that we have launched a new SEO tool to help you optimize your content so you rank higher in search.
Contento Optimize can compare your blog posts and website pages against the top twenty rankings. You’ll get insights to help you understand why they rank well and what you can do better.
It’s designed for writers that want their articles to rank well but don’t need complicated SEO tools.

Making your content more relevant to search engines

There are over 200 ranking factors that search engines use to grade and rank your web pages in search results. While there are many you can’t do easily, some, like on-page SEO, you can do with the right tools.
Writing useful information for your audience is always the main focus, but making sure your writing contain the right search terms is paramount to ranking well. Contento Optimize helps you do just that.
After you run a report in Optimise you’ll notice Related Terms on the right-hand side. This is a list of common keywords that other articles are ranking for. Search engines see these terms as connected and using more of them in your content will help search engines understand your content better.
This is gold for writers. One of our beta customers, Natalie Robinson, said she is now writing three times as much content as before with the inspiration that comes from the Related Terms.
“As a content writer, Optimize makes it easy to understand what subtopics and terms to include. I enjoy using it and find I’m writing a lot more.” she says.

Insights to help you understand who’s ranking

Get valuable insights into the top twenty search results for specific search terms. Insights like ‘word count’ and ‘readability’ will hep guide your editorial decisions.
You can also find out what resources the top twenty articles are linking to with the ‘outbound links’ section. This is useful for finding relevant research articles that you can draw from and reference in your content writing.

Using related terms to SEO your articles

Contento Optimize analyzes the top twenty search results and shows you the related terms you should be including in your articles. These terms make your content more relevant for search terms and easier for Google to rank you.
Search terms also give you great ideas on topics and themes to include. Run an Optimize report before you start writing to get ideas while you’re in the planning stage.

It really works!

Our beta customers have already seen in increase in their organic traffic thanks to Contento Optimize.
“We have seen a 89% increase in organic traffic after optimizing just some of our blog articles. It’s great to see results like this happen quickly.”
AndrewPritesh Kajaria, GM of
“I find it extremely useful and easy to use. It has bumped my Goggle hits tremendously.”
Barry Thompson, Editor of

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