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Guest Posting Software For Smart Marketers

Contento has a network of publishers ready to take your guest articles.

Content placement

Media placement Made Easy!

Finally, a system that makes media outreach and management easy. No more cold emails, no more time-consuming research.

Contento gives you access to high-quality blogs who are ready and willing to take your articles.

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Unique Articles, Not syndication

Publishers and Google want to see unique articles. Not press releases or content syndicated to many sites. Avoid duplicate content penalties. Contento allows you to copy an article and guides you through changing it 30%. Rinse and repeat!

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Duplicate content
Inbound marketing

Massive Brand Exposure

Gain brand awareness like never before by tapping into existing audiences. Go big, or go niche. You choose!

Top blogs have registered and are waiting for your articles. Contento’s list of reputable blogs will gain you access to high-quality audiences. 

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Increase your SEO with better backlinks

Inbound links, aka backlinks, are the single most important search engine ranking factor.

Contento makes gaining quality backlinks easy. Natural backlinks from industry-specific media. Not low-level link swapping.

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Guest Post Submissions

By Marketers For Marketers

We know how painful content reach out is because we use to do it the old way too. We, Nelson and Carl, have a combined 25 years of digital marketing experience. We know your feels.

Contento is designed to cut out all the BS and pains from content outreach. A simplified the process to make it easier for marketers to place guest posts.

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You’ll be a guest posting guru

Bust out guest posts more frequently. Contento takes away the back and forth between you and the publisher, so you can focus on creating more epic content.

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guest posting guru

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Some of the registered blogs on Contento:

+ many more!

From big high-traffic blogs to niche industry specific blogs, we have a number of media ready to take your articles. Blogs from all around the world. You can use the Content Planner section in Contento to explore all our publishers.

guest blogger

“Contento has made distributing our articles super easy! I don’t have to spend time reaching out and building relationships with publishers, and it’s helped me to create content that has a much better ROI. It’s a game changer.” – Natalie Robinson, Mum’s Garage

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“The articles we have put through Contento have directly resulted in ticket sales for our events. It’s a fantastic tool for brand awareness and exposure through other blogs” – Olivia Rogers, Tourism HQ

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