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Additional revenue channel

Your audience is valuable. Charge for content placement and open a new revenue channel.

Paid or branded content placement is the most in demand form of advertising today (from our research). Register on Contento today and receive high-quality content opportunities from reputable brands.

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Contento only delivers high-quality articles from reputable brands. Value-adding content that engages your readers. No press releases, no advertorials. High-quality native articles your audience will actually read.

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“Contento has made distributing our articles super easy! I don’t have to spend time reaching out and building relationships with publishers. It’s a game changer.”

guest bloggerNatalie Robinson


"Contento is the simplest solution to backlink generation on high DA websites, and opens the door to publications around the world.”

Inbound Marketer AndrewAndrew Wassenaar


“We use Contento for multiple websites in our portfolio. Super easy, plus we save time and money compared to direct outreach.”

Elena Inbound MarketerElena Buetler


“The articles we have put through Contento have directly resulted in ticket sales for our events. It’s a fantastic tool for brand awareness and exposure through other blogs.”

Guest Posting OliviaOlivia Rogers


“Contento has been an added bonus to our editorial. We're now referring all submissions to Contento as it makes managing requests much easier.”

Blog Editor TimTim Phin


"I’ve been experimenting with several platforms and - honestly - none of them compare to Contento on multiple levels: 1) Price 2) Quality of sites 3) Responsiveness. I’m very glad I found you guys."

Mike, marketerMike Bundrant

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