Content Is Crucial for your SEO and E-commerce

by | May 25, 2018 | Learn Content Marketing


It’s now clear that content marketing is critical to any business and it goes far beyond merely having quality material for your site. In fact, content is essential for SEO and e-commerce.

90% of organisations are using content in their marketing efforts (source). Therefore, this article explores the reasons a blog is so vital for your SEO, brand awareness, and your ecommerce sales.

Your content drives organic search traffic

Writing good web content is more of a science than some people realise. Of course, many people can be good writers but writing good online content takes a fair bit more talent than merely stringing a few sentences together. When thinking about blogging, it’s vital the information you present is SEO optimised.

Simply put, you want users to find your blog posts through the terms they insert into Google searches. Intelligent use of keywords throughout your posts is essential but also remember that it needs to sound natural and to flow. Therefore, it’s a matter of combining skills between writing and digital marketing.

A basic understanding of keywords and how to use them in your blog articles is essential to driving search traffic. See our article on using keywords correctly here

E-commerce starts with your content

You may believe selling products on your website has little to do with blogging. However, it’s important to remember that blogging has multiple uses and influences far more things than you may have initially considered. As mentioned in the previous point, the primary purpose of your blog is to get users to your site.

Ten years ago it used to be standard that 6-10 touch points would convert a customer. Nowadays the number of touch points is up to 20-30. That’s a lot of social ads, boosted posts, guest blogs, emails, calls, media placement, retargeting ads … you need to get in-front of someone 20-30 times before they will make a purchase.

For a user to buy from you, they first must trust you. This is especially true for SaaS. Creating and promoting content that sets you as an authority in your industry is critical to market adoption.

Now, if you have an e-commerce website, you will want users to investigate the products and services you have on offer and consider making a purchase. Remember that none of this can happen without getting them to your website in the first place.

Promoting your blog articles through your social channels is essential for brand awareness. Another powerful way to gain awareness is through guest blogging. Offer your content to other media/blogs. This creates social proof with brand alliance, and the backlinks are going to help drive up your search rankings. Read more about social proof here

Consistent content is the critical thing

So, now you know the importance of having a blog and how that relates to Google searches and e-commerce. However, as with everything, having these things is not the critical detail to success. It all comes down to how you use them and how often you do so.

Anyone that is familiar with the internet knows that things happen and change incredibly quickly. Therefore, the traction that you enjoyed from your last post will only last so long. Of course, it’s essential to create content that’s not linked to a specific date. However, consistency also plays a part here to keep driving users to your site.

Remember that it takes around 20-30 touch points before someone will buy form you. You’re going to need regular articles to promote to your audience. Make a plan to have one article published every week.

Plan a regular schedule for new blog posts. Remember that value-adding content can also assist you with other aspects of your digital marketing such as social media. Those keywords you insert in your posts are going to be vitally important to drive regular traffic to your site. It may sound simple, but that is the key to a successful content marketing strategy.

Hot-Tip: Backlinks, links from other sites back to yours, are still one of the most important ranking factors for search engines. To up your rankings you need good blogs linking back to you. You do this through guest blogging.

We have done months of interviews with publishers, and we know that almost all media/blogs are wanting more content from real brands.

The easiest way to get your content on other blogs is by using Contento. We have a list of reputable publishers waiting to receive content from brands.

Check out how Contento works here

You may have been spending a lot of time and money on SEO specialists. However, the key to success and an innovative strategy for your e-commerce may well be more straightforward than you think. Remember that your blog should be SEO optimised, that e-commerce starts with your blog content, and consistent content is the critical thing. Go forth, write!

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