How to Prepare For, Hire, and Keep Freelancers

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The Art of Finding and Retaining Quality Freelancers

Hiring freelancers are becoming quite the trend now and it is mostly done for good reason. More and more small companies are warming up to the idea of hiring freelancers in order to grow and compete with bigger companies. Be it a freelance designer or freelance writer, every kind of business uses freelancers. Even the freelancers prefer their freelancing life to be a rigid employee life.

Why hire freelancers?

Hiring a freelancer is good for both big and small businesses because:
  • Freelancers’ cost lesser because you only pay them for the projects they work on and not throughout the month.
  • Freelancers generally provide quality work because you only hire them for their niche or speciality. You get to choose the person by using tailor-made assessment for that particular project.
  • Freelancers speed up your projects because they are an additional support to the team.
  • Freelancers work in their own time, so many of them are available even beyond general office hours. You don’t need to wait around for the next business day to start. Diligent freelancers keep your project running with good productivity.
  • Freelancers bring a fresh outlook to your projects because they are an outsider and mostly they have a different perspective. Even creative employees hit a wall after months of being in the same place. But a freelancer works on different kinds of projects and has the ability to bring something new to the table every time he/she is hired.
However, these benefits can only be reaped if you have found the right freelancer and could have convinced them to invest efforts and time in your projects.
So, how to find the best freelancers and keep them interested in working with you?
Preparing to hire a good freelancer
First things first, you need to hire someone worthy of your money, time, and trust. This is how you go about it.


(1) Look everywhere

Search organically through your contacts, search via social media groups, search on sites like UpWork, LinkedIn, and Whether you need to hire a copywriter or some feature writer for wedding photography, or a content marketer, search everywhere and screen as many freelancers as possible in order to find the right one. Do not settle until you find him or her.

(2) Ask about their specialization

Since you are hiring a person for one particular project, make sure the person is a perfect fit for the work. It is easier and more fruitful to hire someone who knows their way around the job specified, instead of training someone to do so. If you want to hire a freelance content writer for an events website, look for a freelance web developer who has done at least 2-5 event websites before.

(3) Ask for a portfolio or creative samples

This is an obvious step. You need to know what their work is like in order to decide whether they are good enough for you and how much they are worth.

(4) Specify your requirements

When you ask someone what they can offer, you need to let them know first what you need. Do not be vague. Specify the tone, the style, the type of work you need. Let them know what it is for so that they can have a clear idea about it. If you are looking for a data entry operator, put forward the data entry job description.

(5) Offer good pay

This is again obvious, you reap what you sow. Find a freelancer worth your time and value theirs. You need to know what a decent photography pricing is, and exactly for the freelance photographer required.

(6) Prepare early

You cannot find a good freelancer in a hurry. The entire process will take some time. So, start your search well before you need them and don’t leave it to the last minute.

Tips to retain a good freelancer

So, you have found a good freelancer after a lot of screening and filtering. You obviously do not want to go through the same ordeal for the next project that requires the same skills. So, you need to keep this freelancer happy and interested in doing more work with you. Here some tips are suggested to do that.

(1) Pay well and pay on time

When you discuss the pay, do not negotiate too much. Give a decent amount for their time and effort to get your job done. A good freelancer generally knows his/her professional value. Also, be professional and pay on time. Partial advanced payment is a good idea to make the freelancer prioritize your work. When you hire a website content writer for the article writing or outlining SEO content, don’t pay them an amount that is only suitable for work from home data entry jobs by beginners.
Sometimes when you really cannot afford a raise for a future project, keep them hooked with goodies, discounts, and credits that they could use.

(2) Treat them right

A freelancer must be valued as much as your employees. Treat them with respect. Also, they are not your employees. They work with you, not for you. In fact, that is a good approach to treat your employees right as well. Appreciate their efforts. Let them know if their work went really well.

(3) Make them feeling important

A freelancer is nowhere is an office. They don’t feel therefore that they are a part of your company. But if you want to retain good freelancers, you can make them feel valued by asking for inputs in areas outside their specialization. Make sure you don’t ask something you don’t expect them to know although. That will be weird. Maybe ask them which graphics looks better or which tagline reads well. Make sure you are not making them do extra work like drafting a tagline or finding a name and then not to pay for it.

(4) Don’t burden them with unrealistic expectations

A freelancer, no matter how skilled and experienced she/he is, and how well-paid she/he, is still a human. You need to give the freelancer a reasonable deadline and maybe the resources they need to work with.

(5) Don’t waste the time on unnecessary revisions

Specify your needs before the freelancer shows you the first draft. Answer all the questions they ask before starting. This way you’ll not annoy and discourage them with a “No that is not what I want” after they show you their work. Say “I want something like this” before they start.

(6) Give good reasons for rejection

“The client didn’t like the work” or “This is just not enough” are not a good reason to reject someone’s hours of effort. If something is not working even after multiple revisions, pay them partly for their effort and let them know what didn’t work out.
Need to hire professional experts for freelance writing jobs, freelance photography, event management jobs, or for online data entry jobs? You will find them all sitting at home if you know where to look and how to go about their interview procedure. Follow these tips and find the best freelance writers, freelance developers, and all kinds of freelance workers for your company. 
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