How to use keywords correctly

In this article, more of a cheat sheet, we look at the do’s and don’t when optimising for keywords in your articles. 

Keywords are words that regularly appear in your article. They help search engines, like Google, define what your article is about. The more times these keywords appear in the article, the more relevant search engines believe the article to be. However, you can over-do it and end up doing harm to the article’s relevancy.

In the earlier days of search engine optimization, marketers found ways to increase the page rank by inappropriately placing keywords. We now call this ‘keyword stuffing’ and nowadays, search engines catch on pretty fast and will penalise the article. The days of keyword stuffing is long over.

Here are our Do’s & Don’t when using keywords


1. DON’T Keyword stuff your copy

You, and Google want your copy to be authentic and natural. you should be aware of the search terms you want to rank for, but don’t add them to every sentence you can.

i.e. I love GINGER COOKIES. Here is my GINGER COOKIES recipe. It’s a GINGER COOKIES recipe that my mother gave me. It’s the best GINGER COOKIE recipe I know. I hope you love this GINGER COOKIE recipe.

2. DON’T Try and rank for single words

It’s not worth trying to rank for single words. For most of us, focusing on long-tail keywords is best. Keywords that are about 2 to 4 words.

3. DO Choose keywords that would be search terms your readers would be looking for.

4. DO Include the keywords into your post heading.

5. DO Include the keywords into a couple of the posts subheadings.

Only if it sounds natural and not forced.

6. DO Include the keywords into your post URL.

7. DO Include the keywords into the first sentence.

8. DO Include the keywords into each paragraph.

This is called keyword density and we suggest aiming for 1 in every 200 words. They must sound natural and not forced into a sentence.

9. DO Include the keywords into your image ALT Tags.


Carl Thompson

ABOUT THE AUTHOR | Carl Thompson
17 years of playing in the digital marketing space. Over that time Carl has worked with many companies, created a clothing label, and co-founding tech companies,, and

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