The Digital Marketing Cheat Sheet To Increasing Your Website Traffic

by | Nov 28, 2018 | Content Strategy, Learn Content Marketing


We all want more website traffic, or should I say; good quality traffic that increases sales. But most people fail to understand the fundamentals to good SEO (search engine optimization).

In this article, you’ll learn these fundamentals to drive search and referral traffic to your website. No black-hat hacks or BS. Just good proven techniques that you can do right now.

We’ve even created a free cheat sheet that steps you through the process.

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1. Align your pages with specific keywords.

How many pages do you have on your website? And how many of those pages have been optimised towards specific keywords?

It’s unlikely your website developer did keyword research and edited every page towards the selected keywords. Tailoring our pages to keywords is going to better help search engines understand what the page is about. Many businesses don’t understand the importance of this.

The first thing you need to do is use a tool like Google Keyword Planner or Mangools to better understand the search terms around your product or service.

Type in what you think people are searching for when looking for your product or service.
You’ll then see a list of similar terms. Some of which might be more specific, have higher search volume and/or be easier to compete for.

For example; ‘inventory management software’ might get more search traffic than ‘inventory software’ and is less competitive.

The traffic and competitiveness of different variations of keywords can be surprising. Do your research and work out what keywords you should be targeting.

Once you’ve done your research you can then edit your page copy to better align it to the keywords.

However, there are some rules to follow when optimizing for keywords.
Check out our article: How to use keywords correctly


2. Quickly increase your Domain Authority with quality backlinks.

Domain authority is a 1-to-100 rating that represents how well your website will rank in search results. The higher your DA rating the more authority your website has and the higher your search rankings will be.

Find out what your domain authority is; use our Domain Authority Tracker.

The best and fastest way to increase your DA is to garner backlinks from high authority websites within your industry or niche.

Offering blogs and media articles is the best way to secure backlinks. Your articles need to offer value to the reader. Teach, entertain, or inspire. Don’t just write an advertorial article as it won’t get picked up by editors. Take your knowledge and share that in your articles.
Example: a bike shop might create an article ‘How to give your mountain bike a tune-up in under 5 mins.”

The easiest way to offer articles to media and blogs is through Contento. This web-app gives you direct access to publishers from all over the world in almost every niche. Publishers that are looking for good content. Contento makes the whole process super simple.

If you can get one article placed per week with a 40+ DA site, you will see an increase in your DA ranking within weeks. With that, you’ll see your search and referral traffic rise.


3. Speed up your website.

Google is putting more and more emphasis on page speed; how long it takes to load a website.

Page speed is predicted to have a substantial impact on your search rankings in 2019. Even more so than it does now.

You’re going to slip in rankings if your website takes too long to load.
Find out how fast your website takes to load with Google’s Page Speed Insights.

So what loading speed should you be aiming for?
A loading time of 3 seconds or less is optimal but also difficult for most websites to achieve.

Here’s our website speed checklist to help you get under the 3-second mark.
Your web developer will know what these are even if you don’t.


  • Make sure you’re using a CDN (Content Delivery Network).
  • Resize all images to exactly what you need.
  • Don’t use video backgrounds.
  • Run all images through a compressor like x, x.
  • Minimize all script files.
  • Lazy load images.
  • Use browser caching where possible.
  • Remove redundant files and unused plugins.


If you’re using WordPress, there are a tone of plugins that will help you speed up your site.

Check them in the WP plugin marketplace here


Download the one-page Traffic Growth Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet is designed to help you grow your website traffic fast using proven methods.

There are over 200 ranking factors that search engines take into account when ranking your website. These tasks cover the core principles and ranking factors so you dominate in search results.

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