Why you should focus on value-adding content

by | Apr 4, 2018 | Learn Content Marketing

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Content marketing has been around for years. And thanks to social networks like Facebook, content marketing is a staple of every modern marketing team. However, some marketers are still doing it badly. This article is designed to teach you the fundamentals of how to do high-quality content that drives organic search traffic.

“Content is King”… wrong!

I like to use the term “Value-adding content is king“. Because without real value it’s just spammy, fluffy, nothing content. It’s not going to be engaging, and it’s not going to drive traffic or convert leads. In fact, crappy content can negatively affect your brand.

It works! We wrote a total of 120 articles around ‘video editing’ and as you can see by the stats below, it worked. We gained over 20,000 monthly sessions with 90% of traffic being from search.

Content Marketing Results
(FYI: The dip in traffic during Nov16 was due to changing to the new website.)

Not all content is equal

There is a huge difference between high-quality content and keyword stuffed rubbish. Trust me, I’ve done both. I’ve tested what works, and without a doubt, it’s long-form engaging content. Well researched, well-written articles, not only drive more search traffic but also builds your brand reputation and converts more leads. – How many words are best for a blog article?

Spend time researching your topic. It’s much easier to write about things your passionate about and knowledgeable in, than things you’re not. Even if you think you know your topic inside and out, it’s always a good idea to see what others have included and how you can make yours different. You’ll also find some hot tips, quotes, and maybe some research to also add in your article.

Become your market’s interest

You need to put yourself in your reader’s mind frame. What do they want to learn? What are they trying to achieve? What’s going to be useful and valuable to them? Write that. Write all of those things!

Keyword Research

Another great way to understand the demand and terminology of a topic is to do some keyword research. You can search for groups of search terms in Google Keyword Planner or my favourite; Mangools KWFinder, to gage a better understanding of the specific words people are using to search for your topic. –¬†learn how to use keywords correctly here

Interruption marketing is dead, long live content

If the value-adding content is king, then ads are the villain. People want to learn, they want to be entertained, they want to be inspired. They don’t want a be punched in the face with an ad while they are trying to do something else. Stop being the problem, start creating content.

Consumers want content they can share. You want content that consumers want to share!
Shared content will generate backlinks which are still the best way to increase your search engine ranking. – Learn more about backlinks here

How to win with content

If you intrinsically know your topics, have done the research, and write in a voice that resonates with your audience, then you should be able to produce some high-quality content that your audience will find valuable. Don’t bother trying to ‘trick’ search engines. Don’t write content for search engines. DO write meaningful content for your audience.

“If content is King. Value is God!”

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