Optimize – How it works

Contento Optimize is a web-app designed to help you optimize blog posts for better SEO. Optimize will help you identify related keyword terms to use in your blog posts, along with other handy insights. Use these insights to optimize your content and outrank your competitors.

How It Works

When you run a report in Contento Optimize, it will automatically pull in the top results from all of Google’s keyword rankings. Once the results are in, Optimize then runs an analysis using advanced natural language processing and page result analysis to identify important terms you should include in your blog posts.

It also looks at the length and readability of the ranking articles to give you recommendations. Other great insights include; list of top-ranking articles, keyword importance, load time, and outbound links.

Optimise your existing blog posts for better SEO

You can also compare your existing blog posts by using the Article Analyze option. By adding the URL of the blog post, along with the search term and location, you can quickly compare your existing article agaignst the top ranking articles.

This is a great way to make your existing blog posts more search engine friendly. Run an Analyze Article report for all your blog posts and increase your organic traffic.