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See how your content stacks up against the top search results. Compare your readability, word count, load time and more. Then edit your text and increase your score.

Include the suggested keywords

Make your content more relevant to search engines by including the suggested search terms. These are common keywords used across the top search results.

Get ideas for article themes and subtopics

Related terms, concepts, and outbound links will give you an understanding of the topics and terms used in the top-ranking articles. Great for subtopics and new content ideas.

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Understand your audience better with content feedback

Net Content Score

Get direct feedback from your readers

Collect honest feedback directly from your audience in a simple unobtrusive way. The Feedback widget will prompt the reader to rate and comment on the article once they are nearing the end.

Find out what content is working and what’s not

Qualitative data (user feedback) gives you deep insights into what content is resonating with your audience and what needs improving.

Track your Net Content Score over time

Track how well your content is doing over time with Contento’s Net Content Score. NCS will keep you on striving to produce content that better resonates with your audience.

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Blogs and media websites looking to optimize their content and gain reader insights.

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