A New Beginning

This isn’t easy for me. First of all, I’m opening myself up and letting you in. Your views, your opinions, your judgment. But I want you to hold me accountable to the process. I’m committed to writing about my experience and learnings in hope that you too can take some valuable lessons away. Short, sharp and punchy is how I want these blogs to be.

Let’s roll it back a few weeks.
I recently grew Momentum Marketing into a boutique digital marketing agency. I loved the projects and the team. From diving deep into strategy and customer development to setting up sales funnels, marketing automation, creating content etc. I loved it. But it turned into an agency, working on other people’s projects. Something I never really wanted.

Classic me. Saying yes to everything. Taking too much on. Then one day everything came to a head. Projects, deadlines, expectations. BOOM …!
I succumb to the physical and mental stress of trying to do too much. After the clouds cleared, I realised I wasn’t doing what I wanted.

So I walked.
10kms a morning, dog lead in hand, headphones in, audiobook on the go.

Essentialism just happened to be next up in my library. Good timing. It was an eye-opener. Valuable lessons around saying ‘no’ and learning how to define what is essential. Saying no to people has always been hard for me. I try to do everything and please everyone. To me, the idea of saying no was defeat.
Not anymore. I am committed to stripping out the unessential. The things, projects, and people that are not moving me towards my goal.

My goal?
That was the biggest question of all and it took me a few days to come to an answer.
I love creating things that people love. I opened up a slide doc from a couple of months ago. A concept for a new startup. Something I know is an issue for many. An issue I have had for many years. An area I know much about.

And so it begins.
I download the audiobook Lean Startup by Eric Ries, and set out on a 2-month customer discovery journey.

Join me