Getting to MVP and aligning resource with strategy

Starting a startup is hard. It’s complicated and confusing. There is a myriad of tasks that need attention. Branding assets, website, landing pages, tracking setup, videos, support systems, onboarding setup, various documents, payment process, marketing campaigns … the list goes on.

So many things to do, so little resource. It’s easy to get lost and lose time working on things that don’t matter.

The only way to fight through task-noise is to prioritise. Easier said than done; especially if you’re not well versed in the startup process.

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks re-learning these processes to better understand where we are and what our priorities should be. These are my thoughts and findings;

Know where you are in the process

Probably the most important part of prioritising is first to know where in the startup process you are. This defines what you’re trying to achieve right now, and what can wait.

startup growth phases

We are currently building out MVP, which means there is no point working on things like branding assets, marketing campaigns or ads. We are not trying to garner more leads. Hand-holding our initial customers is what we are doing. Watching and learning from them as they use the system. From that we can make edits to the product and marketing assets, to better align with the initial target market.

If you’re like me, then you too have constant ideas. Most are not important to today’s goals, but worth saving none the less. I park these ideas into an Icebox column in Trello. So they are “on ice” for later.

Final features for MVP

Contento was initially designed for either a brand or a publisher account. One or the other. Multi-account functionality was brought forward after requests from our initial customers.
Not having the ability to new accounts was a huge block. Something we didn’t expect this early.

The ability to add feedback to an article was also another critical request from users. Basic ‘chat’ was required, so we also added this functionality to our latest release.

Those two features were actual blocks for users. So we prioritised, developed, and launched these two features.

With no other major blocks, that we know of, we believe we are at a point where the initial product works for a majority of our initial target market. We are at MVP.

We are ready to move into the next phase of the startup process. It’s now time to start some marketing campaigns and testing various channels.

Wish us luck!

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