One side, of the two-sided marketplace

One of the biggest challenges when creating a two-sided marketplace is overcoming the initial ‘dead zone’. Without enough users in the app, no one is going to find value in it.

You’ve probably heard of the term ‘tipping point’, a point at which there is enough of something to act as a catalyst to exponential growth.
This is what we are looking for when creating a two-sided marketplace.

It’s not easy. We have to convince publishers to sign up to Contento without getting anything in return, yet. We’re selling the dream. We’re selling the future. Luckily for us, we have a very strong value proposition and a low barrier to entry for publishers. We have designed this so it’s an opportunity they can’t refuse.

The biggest challenge for us at the moment is publisher adoption rate. It’s a race against time. We need as many publishers on as possible before the app is ready for brands to use. And that’s not far away.

So here we are emailing, calling, meeting with publishers. New registrations are coming in. Hopefully, it’s going to be enough for brands to have Contento ‘full’ of publishers.

So far, we have some well known and reputable media onboard or coming onboard. But’s we are only just scratching the surface of what we need. The next couple of weeks is going to be paramount to creating the one side of this two-sided marketplace. Head down. Go!