Pulling a team together

One of the startup mantras I love is ‘know you know nothing’. Everything you think you know is merely assumptions. It’s only through testing and validation that we get the data the prove or disprove what we assume to know.
Getting the right people involved can expedite the process and help guide your validation.

Over the last month, I have pulled together a team of kick-ass people to assist me in the areas they excel in.

Technical Assistance

I’m lucky enough have found an epic technical co-founder that is on-point with agile development and MVP validation. His insights and opinions have helped shape MVP roadmap, as well as how we can do this with minimal development.

Validation Assistance

One of my mates works for a large NZ digital company where he specialises in UX validation. We sat down with him and ran over all the customer development I have done. Thanks to his direction we have dived deep into customer workflows and risk assessment. This has been super helpful in the further understanding the customer’s process and mind-frame during their workflow.

Financial Assistance

I hit up another mate who is a top-dog commercial banker. I ran him through the business model and forecast to make sure this concept has financial legs. We narrowed down what in the model needs validation and also discussed various ways to fund this post MVP. His insights tabled options I didn’t think were available.

You don’t know what you don’t know!

Getting expert opinions is always worth doing, even if you believe you’re 100% correct in your assumptions. Don’t let arrogance get in the way of true validation.

I find it’s best to meet people face-to-face, over coffee or beer, and run them through everything. You don’t need NDAs (non-disclosure agreements).. if your idea is that easy to replicate, then it prob isn’t a good idea to begin with… Execution is everything!

Find the right people to have in your corner, and reach out to them. Almost everyone is willing to offer their advice, you just need to ask.

Go get em’