Tech Co-Founder Wanted!

Customer development has defined where the value lies on both sides of this platform. Insights into pains and requests have structured what could be an MVP.

I now have a feature and functionality list worth testing.

I have looked at various partnerships/development opportunities to get some initial tests working. However, I believe in starting this off correctly with the right in-house team will be beneficial in the long run.

A development team will be one of the central pillars of the Contento foundations. It needs to be in-house. We need to be able to test and iterate quickly, daily, without the back and forth with an external partner.

Tech Co-Founder Wanted!
I’m now looking for an engineer to come on as a tech co-founder. Someone who understands agile development and can work through testing assumptions while we work towards MVP.

Culture Is Key
I believe in creating an intuitive, vibrant culture that aligns with the Contento brand. A passionate, smart, GC of an engineer is what I’m looking for. Someone I would want to have a beer with.

Finding this GC is harder than it sounds. But I have time and will continue to hunt. I know you’re out there!