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A paraphrasing tool that actually works.

Advanced machine learning is used to rewrite your text into a new, unique text that reads naturally.
Repurpose your copy with the rephrase tool below.

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In this article, we look at the best paraphrasing tools, how they work and when you should be using them.

We’ve all been there: you’ve spent hours creating a high-quality article and you want to offer it to as many blogs and media as you can. A well-researched article deserves to be placed with many publishers. However, Google’s going slap you with a duplicate content penalty.

This is the content conundrum we all face. The only solution is to rewrite the article and keep the same information and theme. It's painstaking, time-consuming work. There has to be a better way ... You can start with a good paraphrasing tool.

Let's dive in and show you the top 5 paraphrasing tool you can use to help you rewrite your articles.

Why Do I Need an Article Paraphrasing Tool?

There are a number of legitimate reasons people use tools to help rewrite their text. The no.1 reason is to avoid duplicate content. Search engines want to see unique content on every page. That gets hard when you have many landing pages with similar text blocks.

Other reasons to use a paraphrasing tool include the following.

  • A press release you want to publish on multiple sites.
  • Same product descriptions on different eCommerce sites.
  • Blog posts that someone else wants to share, or others’ blog posts you want to share.
  • Landing pages with similar content blocks.

Even press releases should be unique for each media. Let's be honest if an editor does post your information, they will just copy and paste most of your press release. You want it to be different from another media's post.

Search engines now look for, and only rank, the original version.

It's better to use an article paraphrasing tool than risk your site being demoted in the search engine rankings.

You can also use article rewriters to improve the quality of your writing.
If you’re a better speaker than writer, an article paraphrasing tool can help you polish your content.

It'll sound straight out of a professional writer’s workshop!

How Do Paraphrasing Tools Work?

Remember how we used to paraphrase quotes in research papers back in college?
Article paraphrasing tools work on the same principle.
They take a meaningful article (or a sentence) and change the wording.

Some words are switched out, some sentences are reformatted, and in the end - the meaning and information are retained, but the way it was explained has changed.

In order to avoid duplicate content issues, your new paraphrased article should be at least 30% different from the original.

Now, article paraphrasing tools take your original article and (help you) paraphrase it.

Some do it automatically with a Thesaurus-like function for words so you can choose how the sentences will be modified.

Warning: these can turn out really nasty and unnatural.

Other tools take a backseat and help you do your editing in peace. They track how much of the article has changed.

Some of the automatic paraphrasing tools let you:

  • Set blacklisted words (words you don’t want to change)
  • Upload files from Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Get proofreading suggestions

In the end, you’ll get a brand new article and all the SEO benefits of it!

Do paraphrasing tools work?

There are many rephrasing tools you can use. Unfortunately, most fail to recreate natural sounding sentences.

Some of these tools simply do a thesaurus lookup and switch out words.
The recompiled sentences don't read very well.

See below for examples.

What is the best paraphrasing tool?

To be totally honest, we have created a paraphrasing tool that actually works. It creates natural sounding sentences that might even be better than the original.

The rewriter tool above uses advanced machine learning to not only switch out words but rewrite your article in a way that reads correctly.

Ease of use and good design is something that we have put a lot of effort into when we created this new rewriter.

We've built in three options for rewriting:

The Assisted option gives you a progress bar for you to track your edits and guides you to make a minimum of 30% change. This is a great option if your wanting to do your own edits but also want to make sure you're creating a new unique article.

Automatically generate a new version of the copy. This can be a great start before you make your own edits to the article.

There really is no better solution than getting a professional copywriter to create a new version of your article. It might cost you dollars, but it's going to save you a tone of time and effort.

Give it ago here

Top 5 Article Paraphrasing Tools

No two paraphrasing tools are alike, which means you should be cautious when using them.

Some make completely illogical suggestions, while others make you fight your way through a forest of banner ads.

And for the purposes of this article, we’ve used the first 500 words of this post draft to test the tools.

Who knows? If we get good suggestions, we may just switch it up!
Without further ado, here’s the top pick of the article paraphrasing litter:

1. Contento’s Article Rewriter

Contento’s been a content-tool powerhouse for a while now.
In addition to offering content placement for those sweet, sweet backlinks and PR awareness, they’ve developed a new tool; Article Rewriter.

How Does Contento’s Article Rewriter Work?

You have three different options with this tool; Assisted, Auto and Order.
Let's look at how each one works.

This option is great for when you want to rewrite the article yourself and also want to know how much you need to rephrase to make sure it's a new unique article.

When you first open the page, you’re prompted to set the original text (Step 1).

Paraphrasing Tool

The next thing you have to do is choose ‘Set original’ so Contento can track your editing (Step 2).

Now that you’ve set the original, Contento will let you rewrite your article as you see fit and show you the change percentage.

This tool also recognized when you delete or move blocks of text. Which is a no-no and it will warn you. Oops!

rewrite tool progress bar

In the end, we switched things up a lot.
The biggest change percentage progress happened when you actively added new lines and words to the article.

Unlike other paraphrasing tools, this one uses advanced machine learning to create natural sounding sentences.
It's a great place to start when repurposing content.

Here's an example:

auto rewrite example


If you don't have time or the expertise to rewrite your own text, you can always hire a professional copywriter to do it for you.
This tool also has an Order option that allows you to quickly place an order with Contento's professional copywriter service.
A copywriter will be assigned to your project and will rewrite your text within 2-5 days.
Payments are handled through Stripe, which means they are safe, secure and easy to refund if need be.

order a rewrite

The Verdict ***** (5 stars)
We love this simple paraphrasing tool!
The auto rewrite works great and we love having the additional options. Having this mix of options has resulted in some high-quality rephrased articles.
Contento’s paraphrasing tool is free to use, apart from the Order option.

Try it out here.

2. QuillBot Article Rewriter

The second tool on our list is QuillBot.
At first glance, it’s a lot like Grammarly. Everything’s automated.
This may seem handy but then again, you get really bot-like suggestions.

For the purpose of this experiment, we used the same 500 words from our post-draft (now improved with Contento’s article rewriter).


However, there’s a catch: QuillBot has a 400-character limit (roughly 70 words) which significantly complicates things.

And when we’ve clicked “Quill It,” things got a lot more complicated.

QuillBot vs Contento

QuillBot expects you to go line by line.
This is fine when you’re editing shorter texts. However, if you want to paraphrase an entire article, you’re going to want to hit yourself with a book and move to Mexico.

The suggestions are alright (especially word suggestions), but QuillBot doesn’t really understand tone differences.

Some of the word suggestions were great, though! You’ll notice them if you go back to our introduction.

You can also decide how much you want to paraphrase the article.
Keep in mind that QuillBot only has two free options: Standard and Grammar.

They don’t seem that different. However, if you want Suggestive, Creative and Concision modes, you’ll need to upgrade to premium.

The Verdict *** (3 stars)
Not bad for a bot! Especially if you want to edit shorter things and choose fancier words.

3. Article Rewriter Tool

Article Rewriter Tool is exactly what it says on the tin: an article paraphrasing tool.
It’s another automated one, which can result in some pretty funny phrasings.

This time, we’ve used our entire post draft to see what Article Rewriter Tool can come up with.

Article Rewriter

When you first open the site, you’ll be prompted to paste your content in the box.

You can select which words you don’t want to be rephrased, and decide if you want ART to spin capitalized words.

This is all fine and dandy, but let’s check out the results:

Article Rewriter Tool


Article Rewriter Tool definitely changed our article!

We wouldn’t call a paraphrasing tool “an apparatus,” but using ART could still be a good idea for simpler texts where words have a lot of synonyms.

So we tried something simpler:

sentence rewrite

And we got…

sentence rewrite results

The Verdict *** (3 stars)
Article Rewriter Tool is a magnificent paraphrasing tool if you want to sound like Sherlock Holmes addressing his dear Watson.

And while ART is one of the best-automated paraphrasing tools on the market, Contento's auto rephrasing tool blows it out of the water.

4. Coder Duck’s Article Rewriter

Coder Duck’s Article Rewriter is a solid paraphrasing tool.

We used the same introduction paragraph here, as well.

Coder Duck doesn’t have a lot of options, paraphrasing-wise, so we were interested to see the results.


The Verdict ** (2 stars)
Coder Duck is okay if you want to switch up words but be very, very careful. It doesn’t recognize nuance and you'll be fighting your way around all the banner ads ... yay.

5. Paraphrase Online

Finally, Paraphrase Online is a relatively inconspicuous article paraphrasing tool. However, it does the job.

We’ve entered our introduction text as per usual, and we got:

Paraphrase option

The Verdict ** (2 stars)

It’s not bad!
However, it focuses on very simple paraphrasing like other automated paraphrasing tools.

It’ll change your words for you, but it won’t change complete phrases or make sure that Google doesn’t view your content as duplicate.

Alternatives to Article Paraphrasing Tools

If you don’t want to use an article paraphrasing tool, you can always hire a copywriter to write a similar article, or manually paraphrase it.

When we take a look at all the tools that are widely considered as the best paraphrasing tools, it seems like the winner is obvious:
Contento’s Article Rewriter.

It's ideal for anyone who is serious about repurposing content.
The multiple options work for different scenarios and content types. It's a well-rounded tool that we use often.

You’ll paraphrase your article while constantly staying compliant with Google Panda’s duplicate content regulations.

And not to mention that you won’t have to field suggestions like replacing the word “dog” with “pooch.”

Unless you’re Oscar Wilde and that’s right up your alley.


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