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PR software for marketers and PR agents.

Contento has a network of top publishers ready to take your articles.

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PR Software to Make Article Placement Easy!

Finally, a PR software solution that removes media outreach and management. No more cold emails, no more time-consuming research.

Get access to high-quality media who are ready to accept your articles.

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Simple Media Placement

Contento Digital PR software makes getting media placement ridiculously simple. Our straightforward process cuts out all the time-consuming bits and ‘streamlines’ the media placement process.

Get your clients talked about on blogs from all over the world.

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Inbound marketing

Brand Exposure, Globally

Digital PR is changing at a rapid pace. Brands are now selling globally and as a PR agent, it’s difficult to deal with international media. Not with Contento.

Contento is the PR software solution you’ve been looking for. Giving you access to a wide variety of media from all over the globe.

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Not Press Release Syndication

From our research, we know that around 64% of editors do not read press releases anymore. The good news is that 80% are willing to accept unique articles.

Offer your unique articles to media with Contento.

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Guest Post Submissions

Order Custom Articles

Contento PR software allows you to order custom articles. High-quality copy from real copywriters.

Your unique articles are loaded into your Contento account, ready for you to offer to media.

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Article Rewriter Tool

Publishers and search engines want to see unique articles, not press releases or content syndicated on multiple sites. Avoid duplicate content penalties by using our Article Rewriter tool. It guides you through changing an article a minimum of 30%. Rinse and repeat!

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Unique content

Guest Posting Software - Brand Demo

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From big high-traffic blogs to niche industry specific blogs, we have a number of media ready to take your articles. High-quality media and blogs from all around the world. Use the Content Planner in Contento to explore publishers.

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“Contento has made distributing our articles super easy! I don’t have to spend time reaching out and building relationships with publishers. It’s a game changer.”

guest bloggerNatalie Robinson


"Contento is the simplest solution to backlink generation on high DA websites, and opens the door to publications around the world.”

Inbound Marketer AndrewAndrew Wassenaar


“We use Contento for multiple websites in our portfolio. Super easy, plus we save time and money compared to direct outreach.”

Elena Inbound MarketerElena Buetler


“The articles we have put through Contento have directly resulted in ticket sales for our events. It’s a fantastic tool for brand awareness and exposure through other blogs.”

Guest Posting OliviaOlivia Rogers


“Contento has been an added bonus to our editorial. We're now referring all submissions to Contento as it makes managing requests much easier.”

Blog Editor TimTim Phin


"I’ve been experimenting with several platforms and - honestly - none of them compare to Contento on multiple levels: 1) Price 2) Quality of sites 3) Responsiveness. I’m very glad I found you guys."

Mike, marketerMike Bundrant

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